Life in Colour Photo Challenge – Kaleidoscope Brights

All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites. — Marc Chagall

The brightly colored sunshine ornament in the featured image above is in response to Travel Talk’s Life in Colour blogging challenge this month.

Living in the gray northeast where half the year is overcast, it was fun sorting through photos to find a kaleidoscope of bright colors for this challenge. Quite simply, bright colors make me feel happy.

If months were marked by colors, November in New England would be colored gray. — Madeleine M. Kunin

And apparently this is true for other cultures and continents as seen in this sunny Caribbean art:

Colorful kaleidoscope painting of a ghecko
Colorful painting of woman and child picking fruit
Cow cartoon with drinks and flamingo

and Scotland‘s brilliantly colored frescoes and tapestries in Stirling Castle:

in Mother Nature‘s gardens and in markets…

and throughout cities

with vices and churches:

The beggar wears all colors fearing none. — Charles Lamb



Life can be as colorful as we want. May the colors in your life be the brightestsunny skies or not!

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