Changing Focus Blogging Challenge: Angels and Cherubs

Considering our power to envision and create a more harmonious world, angels and cherubs seemed apropos for a blogging challenge that begins Christmas weekend and welcomes in 2022.

These timeless figures appear through the ages in paintings, literature, and sculptures watching over the deceased and protecting the living.

Though angels were easy to finds in cemeteries, she said that she didn’t especially care for funereal angels and tombstone cherubs — she wanted her angels among the living, not watching over the already dead — and thus she scoured parks and gardens for the angels with whom, on some level, she wanted to commune. — Chris Bohjalian

As the cherub is to the angel, so the cat is to the tiger. —  Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

The appearance and significance of angels and cherubs differs vastly from religious reference to their use in marketing products. Childlike cherubs are often symbolized for romantic love on Valentine’s Day cards and gifts while angels adorn Christmas trees and decorations in various forms.

I’m a scientist and I believe in angels. – David R. Hamilton, PhD

Will you help paint a brighter New Year by sharing your personal experience, photos or lyrics about angels or cherubs for this month’s Changing Focus blogging challenge? The interpretation and format is your choice. Simply add Changing Focus blogging challenge as a tag, or provide a link to your response in a comment on this post by January 28th*. Highlights will be posted the next day.

*Due to Bloganuary daily posts, this challenge is extended to February 26th. Might as well include all those angels and cherubs for Valentine’s Day too…

Changing Focus Blogging Challenge Details

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