Bloganuary Prompt #2: What is a road trip you would love to take?

One always wonders about roads not taken. — Warren Christopher

Roads Not Taken

When a friend told me of her delightful walking tour through England’s charming Cotswolds, I spent that Winter planning my own two-week adventure:

  • We’d begin in Chipping Campden and visit Hidcote & Kiftsgate Gardens then on to Broadway to see the Tower and Snowshill Manor.
  • From there we’d tour the Batsford Arboretum and Sezincote House then on to Stow on the Wold and Bourton on Water.
  • Probably needing to rest weary feet by then, we’d transfer to Chedworth Roman Villa then walk to Cirencester and transfer the next day to Lacock to visit new acquaintances we originally met in Scotland.
  • This ambitious journey would end by walking to Castle Combe then transferring to Bath for a relaxing spa before flying home the next afternoon.

May 2020 could not come fast enough. But then ccp/covid cancelled life and shelved the extensive itinerary.

Prior to the plandemic, it seemed entirely possible to complete that bucket list of travel — Greece, Croatia, California, the Florida Keys, and definitely a return (or two or three to Scotland and Italy). I thought I’d freely explore the world after my senior border collie passed in June 2019 but current mandates dictate otherwise. Still, I am willing to relinquish that in-person experience and become an armchair traveler if it means remaining true to myself, my values, and my good health.

Regardless the destination, all roads lead home. — H.L. Balcomb

Alternate Roads Followed

Gratitude helps me find the good in all situations. When months of ccp/covid lock downs felt too confining, I’d recharge my spirit by exploring country roads while listening to some relaxing music. (I’m grateful to reside in a more freedom loving rural area.)

Being consciously sans tech, taps into my creativity. Rather than rely on GPS, I use my own thinking skills to figure out where I am and need to be. For instance, weekly travel this past year to a northern town 45 minutes away prompted me to find alternate routes — two favorites have only one traffic light and a few stop signs.

I also notice more by being observant of my surrounds than if glued to technology.

My camera often accompanies me on these undefined adventures and I return with photos of a mesmerizing sky, changing landscapes, corn fields, or whatever else catches my eye (nontourist attractions I guess you could say).

Roads to Who Knows Where

There are still roads that beckon me while driving by and I tell myself I will allow extra time next time to take that turn and climb that hill to see where it leads.

Roadway straight or right turn

So, for now, until humanity can once again move freely about, the road trip I’ll be taking is exploring the less traveled country roads to who knows where.

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost. Erol Ozan

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