Bloganuary Prompt #3: Write about the last time you left your comfort zone

Well this prompt certainly is a challenge for me to come up with a response. I’ve had to think long and hard about what leaving my comfort zone means. Facing a fear? Trying something new?

Considering I’ve isolated 75% of the last two years due to ccp/covid, I haven’t been out and about much to try something new that I’d be fearful of like sky diving perhaps.

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The Challenge of the Challenge

So, my best response for prompt #3 is signing up for this daily blogging challenge. Even though I work from home, scheduling enough time for personal self care, relationships, household duties, pet care, spirituality, exercise, fun, weekly blogging (including running my own monthly blogging challenge) and reading other blogs — amidst staying aware of the worldwide insanity — can be wearying. Lately, time feels accelerated — like one hour slips away in what felt like minutes.

Since I blog for creativity, connecting, stimulation and relaxation, I thought Bloganuary would be fun and help me develop better skills, not because it would be one more task to topple over the to-do list. Being sans tech and using an older PC means it already takes me two or three times as long to accomplish something on WordPress (particularly when it’s a time-consuming scroll through photos or when they continue changing how to do things).

All in all, Bloganuary is definitely out of my comfort zone for being able to successfully manage my daily schedule. So, we’ll see how it goes. At least I’ve managed three out of three thus far. Smile.

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