Bloganuary Prompt #5: What is something you wish you knew how to do?

Ha! I had to laugh at this one. Well, of course, it’s blogging and finding my way around Word Press. My basic PC skills enable me to do just that — the basics. But, when it comes to the more technical aspects of blogging like SEO and CSS (? I think that’s the term)…I am lost in the woods. At night.

Night Time Woodland

Most would say the answer is simple: just get more involved with tech. But that’s a dilemma for someone like me who prefers living a natural, more practical life. Thriving on human interaction, I don’t want to be more involved with tech’s impersonal coldness that is controlling more and more of every day life — whether we want it or not. My standard motto is “Don’t jump in, if you don’t want to jump out.” So, I’ve put my toes into the water of blogging so to speak, without wanting the full deep dive.

Trying to find workarounds, I’ve signed up for the Blogging for Beginners course. (Twice.) Or is it the Introduction to Blogging? Even that confuses me. By now, you probably think I’m scattered. I’m not. Actually, organizing and time management are forte’s of my dominant left brain. Maybe that’s part of the predicament.

Another perplexity is the last two years of worldwide disruption twisting and contorting time. To try and understand the technical aspects of blogging, I need to first learn the lingo, and then have extra time required for SEO research. By the time I pull out notes and focus on what I need to do and get to where I need to go, an hour easily slips by. So, maybe what I really wish I knew how to do is slow down the clock. Ha!

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