Bloganuary Prompt #6: Who is someone that inspires you and why?

I could give a politically correct answer to this prompt and say in my more youthful days, Rosa Parks inspired courage in me to stand up for what I believe in. That’s core.

But I can also give a non-politically correct, perhaps unpopular but current answer and say that in my mature years, Dr. Michael Savage inspires me for the same reason and more. After brushing him off during Obama’s first term because he sounded too irate, I hadn’t read — until recently — any of Dr. Savage’s numerous best selling books. Now I understand his anger.

Extreme liberalism is not a political philosophy. It is a mental disorder” is one of Savage’s most popular quotes that I did not readily understand. You have to read the book to truly deduce his statement.

And while I don’t agree 100% with all of Dr. Savage‘s opinions, his insights are amazingly accurate for what is now happening on an onion skin layer of America. His dedication to courageously speaking out on tough issues, and standing up for what he believes in, even when he could well afford to retire comfortably, is inspiring as is his obvious love for God and country. And that’s core too.

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