Bloganuary Prompt #7: What makes you laugh?

Silliness, nervousness, or a zany exchange are usually what light my laughter afire — from a chuckle to unending belly laugh that takes my breath away. I love to laugh, and especially those unexpected times when it’s so, so funny I can’t contain it — they are the BEST overall endorphin release!

My Mom and brother (both now passed) were zany individuals who could easily make me laugh. My Mom especially. I can recall belly laughing with her til tears ran down my face (but I can’t recall what was so funny). My brother also had a dark sense of humor which could make me belly laugh (but he was equally adept at making me cry).

And of course my dog. My beloved border collie Bess use to make me laugh with her silly ways. But, she too, passed 2 years ago.

Comedians who make me laugh out loud are from earlier times (rather than contemporaries who overpopulate with profanity). I grew up laughing at movies with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, then Gene Wilder, and later some dark comedy (without excessive violence) like Jack Black in Bernie.

Walter Matthau in Plaza Suite
Jack Lemon in How to Murder Your Wife
Gene Wilder in Silver Streak
Jack Black in Bernie

Other old-time comedians living a life of laughter, proved it really IS the best medicine:

  • George Burns, 100 years
  • Bob Hope, 100 years
  • Betty White, 99 years
  • Carl Reiner, 98 years
  • Phyllis Diller, 95 years
  • Milton Berle, 93 years

*Mel Brooks is 95 years and counting.

And we certainly need more of that today than ever!

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