Bloganuary Prompt #8: What do you like most about your writing?

It’s a nurturing adventure. Both in learning outward about life and others, and as an insightful journey deep within. It connects and releases at the same time. Like the Taijitu, it’s energy is simultaneous.

Drawing of yin and yang symbol, the Taijitu

As early as second grade, I connected with soldiers through pen paling then moved on to writing poetry in high school which safely released those intense teenage emotions. Writing poetry morphed into cathartic journaling as a highly sensitive adult (HSP). This aspect became another invaluable tool for exploring and releasing varied feelings then reaching new insights about the path I was on or about to take.

Writing news releases in my early career easily satisfied my left brain need to know. Especially the why in the facts of who, what, when, where, and how which are often missing today in reports saturated with unrelated fluff.

Flower, handwritten note and stamps

As a self-proclaimed neo-Luddite who thrives on human interaction, I still write and send personal notes of thanks and well wishes through the traditional USPS. Recipients express their gratitude for my taking time to do so and of their delightful surprise when receiving a handwritten note in their mailbox.

My blogging goal was never about making money or gaining thousands of followers. Just like in the real world, I prefer quality over quantity. Substance over shallow. I’ve connected with some splendid bloggers worldwide who I may never meet in person but hold dear to heart. They, too, expand my horizons in thinking and processing life.

Black and white circles of polarity at a standstill...uniting in understanding from the heart
Compassion, Willingness, Communication, Tolerance, Respect

Funny, it wasn’t until working on this post, that I’ve realized blogging for me is akin to technological pen paling and I’ve come full circle. But then, again, I did say writing for me is like the Taijitu — always teaching about the circle of life.

One Reply to “Bloganuary Prompt #8: What do you like most about your writing?”

  1. It is interesting how putting thoughts into written words can be therapeutic! I also like to send personal cards from time to time. I agree, there is just something special about someone taking the time to personally hand write and mail a message. 😊📧

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