Bloganuary Prompt #9: What do people incorrectly assume about you?

You’ve heard the term no bake? Well, that’s my response to this prompt that’s got me stumped. Conversing regularly with only two persons during these two years of ccp/covid restrictions, neither have expressed any assumptions about me, to me, so how would I know what they are?

To avoid leaving this prompt blank, my best (and only) response is that the food market checkout gal supposed I am a baker. Where she got this idea Heaven knows. It certainly wasn’t from the ingredients I purchased to make a vat of shrimp bisque.

Pre-ccp/covid, I enjoyed cooking and the results were often favorably received. Leaning toward crunchy and salty, rather than soft and sweet, I can whip up a light and lemony chicken francaise or robust steak au poivre, a tantalizing balsamic dressing or crunchy Delicata squash and spinach salad.

Baking, however, is an altogether different story. It’s not that I can’t bake; my requested apple pie is deemed scrumptous. But, even before the no carb diet discouraged walking down the cookie trail, baking per se just doesn’t appeal to me. So, if it’s baked goods you’re seeking, you’ll find no muffins here.

Two-crust Apple Pie Decorated with hearts on Top
Apple Pie of Love

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