Freedom ALERT!

Make no bones about it, I will never apologize for my passion about personal sovereignty and freedom. Thank God, humanity is finally uniting against the totalitarian collectivism dictated by government officials and elites worldwide. I stand solidly with these truth seekers and truth tellers against the global power mongering attack on humanity these last two years. If your life means anything to you, you will too.

In only two weeks World Wide Rallies for Freedom will unify voices by declaring, “Enough is enough.” The rallies are not about anti-vaccines, but about anti-mandates and governments ruling our personal lives. See the American declaration below from the Defeat the Mandates DC website :

We want to be…free.

Free to work.
Free to travel.
Free to learn.
Free to question.
Free to speak.
Free to pray.
Free to say no.

The mandates are un-American.

Stop the mass firings.
Stop segregating by vaccination status.
Stop calling Americans “unpatriotic” for making a personal medical choice.

We’re coming home.

Americans of every class and color.
Democrats and Republicans.
Vaccinated and unvaccinated.
United we stand, in peace we march.

Standing in Unity for Freedom

Americans: On Sunday, January 23rd, 2022 Defeat the Mandates DC will host a unified one-mile march beginning at the Washington monument and continuing on to the Lincoln Memorial where a variety of speakers and musicians will speak out for freedom. Our Constitution guarantees our right to peacefully protest. Do it while you still have the chance. Visit the Defeat the Mandates DC website then participate however you can — even if it’s just quickly getting the word out.

Freedom Rallies in Other Countries

180+ cities worldwide will take a stand January 22-23, 2022 for 5 critical freedoms:

  1. Freedom of Speech.
  2. Freedom of Movement.
  3. Freedom of Choice.
  4. Freedom of Assembly.
  5. Freedom of Health.

Check the WorldwideDemonstration website for some details on these Worldwide Rallies for Freedom. Stand WITH your vaxed and unvaxed brothers and sisters in every color, creed, political affiliation, and country to rise up for freedom.

The insanity stops when we say NO. Nor the Left nor the Right are for us. Our strength is in our unity to stand for Truth.

Staying Strong

Push away fear. Keep your immune system strong. Stay as joyful as you can. Connect. Remain calm. Unite. And add a little laughter as the best medicine.

See you on January 23rd! We will all be there!


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