Bloganuary Prompt #11: What does it mean to live boldly?

Well, I suppose that depends on who you ask. Being an HSP who prefers more calm and quiet to loud excitement, my response will vastly differ from someone who thrives on an adrenaline rush and thrilling adventure. But, there are other ways to act boldly too. So —

Looking at a few definitions for boldly…

1. in a bold or daring manner, with confidence — would be the truth tellers and freedom lovers who are condemned or outcast but stay true to their values and convictions;

Defeat the Mandates to be Free

2. in a shameless manner — the way global elites are attempting to control humanity through propaganda, unnecessary restrictions and lockdowns;

3. in an obtrusive manner — the increasing totalitarianism of the Far Left, Big Tech and Big Pharma in politics today;

4. in a fierce or turbulent manner — the energy of 2020’s rampant rioting, looting, and burning throughout American cities that escalated America’s downward spiral; and/or

5. in a way that involves physical strength, effort or energy — all soldiers tirelessly fighting for freedom — whether in previous ground wars or the spiritual one we find ourselves in today.

Defeat the Mandates is for everyone poster

Defeat The Mandates DC

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