Bloganuary Prompt #19: write about something mysterious

It’s mysterious how 60% of the 7.9 billion people on this planet have transfigured into sheep.

Maybe not so mysterious for the portion of that percentage who were coerced through mandates. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save their livelihood and be able to provide for their families?

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Unraveling this mystery can be just as mysterious — as with most explanations these days that fall somewhere between woke and awake. First clue? 6.48 billion persons use smart (aka dumb) phones worldwide. Doubtful that includes babies in strollers tethered to tech or how many are asking Alexa to think for them. Big Tech successfully programmed generations of robots. Quite an achievement. For transhumanism.

Some sheep cannot right themselves...

Gatekeepers to the Pen

Nowadays, you’re told, “Do your own research.” But, have you noticed that the censored Google/Internet research offers only one message and the same message repeatedly?”

Google and the usual perpetrators in this spiritual war like George Soros, Amazon/Jeff Bezos, Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg, the Musk Foundation/Elon Musk are major donors to Wikipedia. I gave up on Wikipedia a few years ago when the lies were all apparent. Unfortunately, these and other evil doers like Disney and BlackRock feed all media outlets — ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, YouTube, etc., etc.

There is no getting away from their narrative. Unless you don’t follow to begin with.

Woolen Blankets

Digging deeper, because that’s what humans with God-given brains do — think for themselves, critically, rather than be blindly led like sheep — the layers of toxicity are vexatious. So many layers to sift through. Some can only peel one layer at a time…open only one eye at a time…

Stockyards and Slaughterhouses

How was this transmogrification possible? The CCP? Most definitely. International governments? Mind control, mass hysteria or the contemporary term mass formation psychosis. Indoctrination through the education system? Covertly. Global elitists? Have planned for generations. World Communist Aggression? Most certainly. Smear campaigns and cancel culture? Rampant toward courageous truth tellers. The God-less? Cast spells of darkness through fear, denial and omission. Social media? Censorship to obfuscate intelligent decision making. MSM? Incessant regurgitation of propaganda to easily mutate the lazy into sheep…who are on their way to AI slaughter. And that, is not a mystery.

person holding down sheep
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