Bloganuary Prompt #23: Interview a fictional character

Who are you? My name is I. Will.

Where are you from? I am the magnetic creation from the minds, hearts and intentions of light workers, truth seekers, and truth tellers.

Why are you here now? I am here to abolish the dark forces gripping the planet, and to restore common sense, respect, and goodwill within humanity.

How will you accomplish this task? My partners are Love, Truth, and Courage.

We will open each person’s mind for understanding…maximize their vision to see through layers of deception, recognize we are all interconnected as unique brothers and sisters. We will deafen their ears to lies and intolerance…We will strengthen and unite their voice for sovereignty while extending their arms in benevolence to each other…

The stench and bitterness of contempt will be replaced with the sweetness of compassion. Hearts will be saturated with gratitude.

When will this mission be completed? When Love is conscripted as the only answer, making tyranny non-existent and individuals can freely work, travel, learn, question, think, speak, pray, and say no as they choose.

What will this accomplish? Humankind will thrive in the naturally glowing and peaceful beauty of Love.

Blue sky with heart-shaped cloud

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