Bloganuary Prompt #24: Write about a dream you remember.

What? I went to bed at 136 pounds and woke up at 138? I don’t sleep walk. No Ambien for me. The only thing I ate was chicken…in my dreams.

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It’s not so much about the content of the dream, as the after effect.

Whenever I simply dream of eating food — I gain weight. Repeatedly, I’ve noted this strange phenomenon and each time, no matter what I consume in the dream — chicken, pasta, a dessert perhaps, I gain weight. Overnight. While asleep. (As a sidenote, my weight is 20 pounds below the average and rarely fluctuates.)

I can understand how spicy seasonings like cayenne pepper or aromatic garlic dehydrate me during sleep, but gaining weight from dreaming about food doesn’t make sense.

In searching for answers, one website indicates that dreaming about putting on weight means prosperity. Interesting, but not applicable since I am not dreaming about gaining weight, I am dreaming about consuming the food.

While another site lists foods that cause nightmares, it doesn’t include my usual antagonists — the occasional non-organic ribs or bacon that might contain additives like growth hormones or preservatives.

But gaining weight? From what I ate — in a dream? That’s a mystery. And one that underscores just how powerful our minds really are — awake or asleep.

3 Replies to “Bloganuary Prompt #24: Write about a dream you remember.”

  1. Exactly…. Mind is a powerful tool… Wonder if dreaming of missing a meal would make you lighter LOL….
    Solution…. Don’t weigh yourself before bedtime. .. :-)…. ❤
    Lol laughing tongue in cheek here.. 🙂 lol ❤

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