Do You Know When Angels Speak?

My personal experience with angels extends from the physical world to an acute inner sense of knowing and comfort.

Angels walk with us every moment of our lives. These beautiful beings, with light shining around them and wings spread out for protection, bring us not only the feeling and knowledge that we’re not alone, but a certain freedom from worry. — Sylvia Browne


angel blowing trumpet

Whenever a chilling significance pierces my core — from something as random as a billboard sign, cloud formation, or chance encounter, I innately know this striking message is from God and angels working in my life.

Nine years ago I was facing pancreatic surgery. This cancer has a 4% survival rate. When opening my back door the morning of departure to the hospital, a mylar balloon caught in the Dogwood tree directly faced me. It read Congratulations! Immediately, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief, knowing prayers were heard.

After all, what are the chances that balloon appeared on that day, with that inscription and that I opened that door to see that message? It didn’t read Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary…it wasn’t windy and no other homes were visible in my rural community where the balloon could have originated. (I was blessed again, by the way, for being cancer-free.)

Messages may appear as a feather, rainbow, coins, clouds, significant music, heavenly voices (audibly or within), repetitious numbers, and a response when asking for a sign.

In their book Signs from Above Doreen and Charles Virtue explain how angels communicate.

I’ve received many of these messages like the glorious rainbow appearing when my Mom was cremated, then finding a feather when I cast her cremains.

I’ve found dimes in the oddest places since the time of my Mom’s passing…mostly when facing a challenge and wishing for her comfort. A bereavement counselor, when explaining that grieving is an individual process, said she had a client who indicated her deceased husband communicated to her through dimes.

Walking to my car after the appointment, I found a dime and continued finding them in the oddest places (like under the pile of papers relating to my Mom’s death). I’ve since learned that Angel Dimes are common, and I continue collecting them…from my Mom and now my (deceased) brother.

box of dimes
nine years of angel dimes

Answers to my prayers for understanding a complex situation often appear crystal clear in the passage of a book, displayed on a passing truck, or in movie dialogue.

We could not even survive without our guardian angels. — Elisabeth Kubler Ross.


Gardening began as a solace to me then ripened into a peaceful, joy-filled activity that cultivates my understanding of life and deepens my spirituality. Of course angels and cherubs appear throughout. Here’s some of the visible ones that do gather here!

Not even in the darkest hour of your life, think that you are all alone. There is always someone who may be unseen to your eyes, like an angel, to heal you and comfort you. All you need to do is believe.SpiritualRay

Radiating Light

Do you have an affinity for angels? How do you communicate with them? Do they appear in any particular form or time in your life? Have they offered comfort or divine guidance to you? Brighten the light and share the experience you’ve had with these light-filled spiritual beings.

Making peace with yourself and your beliefs is one of the greatest ways to lay the foundation for a relationship with angels. Angels want you to have inner peace, and if you need to make room for it, they will help you. Always remember that you are loved and you are free. It’s when you realize this that you begin to shift into a reality of love. — Kyle Gray

Angel Lifting Up Human

Humankind needs more angels in our world right now

Then I looked and heard the voices of angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders, and the number of them was myriads, and thousands of thousands. — Revelations 5:11

angel wings embracing person

Feel the healing power of magnificent angel wings swathing the world in love

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