Nature Teacher: Renewal

It’s Spring!

Mother Nature beckons.
It’s time to renew. Refresh.
Step away
from frenzied energy

and the brokenness of this technologically controlled world.
Mother Nature IS life. Authentically.

Connect to what really matters.
Allow her unparalleled wonder to soothe the spirit.
Take that critical reprieve
from thoughtless algorithms
and reconnect to the most natural rhythms of life.
Life. For God’s sake.

Spring is here! Where are you?

A fellow blogger who is also deeply connected with Mother Nature recently introduced me to David Garrett’s music which I cannot get out of my head (or heart). Its sweetness pierces my core and so eloquently reflects the beauty and fresh energy of Spring.

Joy is the Soul of My Garden stone
Old time clock in a field of lavendar

May you be so blessed
in this magical time of renewal.

One Reply to “Nature Teacher: Renewal”

  1. Beautiful music, beautiful springtime thoughts. We need to release the stresses and worries. What we can’t control should not control us. Here’s to living life this spring! 😊😊😊

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