Spring – The Season of Natural Revitalization

If you are one of those persons who says, “When life goes back to normal…” I’m here to tell you, “There is no going back to normal.” A discomforting thought for some. Exciting for those pulling the strings — one way or the other.

“Your old world departs only to make way for the new one.” — Alan Cohen

The herbicidal effects cannot be erased. It’s too late. Unnecessary CCP/covid and jab-related deaths, pervasive mandates, lockdowns, wrongful terminations, fear, divisiveness, depression, anxiety and increased suicides, abandoned normal as a wreakage of the past. Tyrannical control and rampant Wokeness continue pushing the old normal farther and farther away.

By choosing personal sovereignty to enhance my immune system versus an experimental jab, I did not contract CCP/covid. But, like others, I feel tremendous loss — of spirit, optimism, trust, familiarity of basics like language/communication and operating in the day-to-day world, and having something to look forward to…to name a few. What was once recognized as normal is now a bombed out zone of mutilated pleasantries.

The New Normal is Abnormal

That realization can be disheartening. Particularly when weaving through dark energy fields that confuse and repeatedly stall forward movement while disfiguring what I have known and recognized. Never have I felt like this. But, never have I endured such radical worldwide change.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” — Carl Bard

Think Like Spring

During the dreariest of times, I am reminded that this is the creation period (even if it might not be what I hope for). That patience, acceptance, and trust are footholds for each faltering step. That this period is akin to Spring crocus reaching for light through the cold, darkened earth. That phenomenon I can rely on and trust.

purple dwarf iris

Having something to look forward to is vital to living!

But when we cannot see what is ahead…trust gets us through.

Forward Normal

And while I’ve been limping from pre-CCP/covid life into an unrecognizable one, the transition feels paralyzing at times. To keep from capsizing in this hellaceous storm, I’m holding on to the basics.

Drilling down to the simplest of pleasures is my saving grace amidst the demoralizing, chaotic global energy I so deeply feel as an HSP (highly sensitive person). And although I continue experiencing false starts, I can’t give up. Life and living depend on it.

Life Giving Life

hands holding dirt

Working in the garden when warm temps return to feel dirt sift through my fingers reverberates Mother Nature’s rhythms of life itself…

Not allowing continual CCP/covid threats to deter hugs and laughter with friends, and making interesting acquaintances in uncharted places…

Savoring the plenary experience of dining out — ambience, delectable food, artful presentation — once/if restauranteurs survive from a lack of personnel.

Experiencing novel adventures and venues to stimulate my spirits…

Obtaining fresh space to reassemble our drum circle. Hand drumming is the most soothing, natural meditation for me…like a bath of pure, spiritual sound…

(Still) searching for a canine bud or two. Pets are exemplary teachers for staying in the present moment. They know not about the world’s ills, have a great sense of humor and offer pure joy. Dog is God spelled in reverse you know. (wide smile)

“When the solution is simple, God is answering.” — Albert Einstein

Embracing Nature for a Vibrant New Life

Religious or not, Easter echoes Nature’s natural resurrection. How are you maneuvering this post CCP/covid world? Are you accelerating to the pinnacle of new life or are you on a rocky climb too? Will you invite the life-giving energies of Spring to innovate your world?

8 Replies to “Spring – The Season of Natural Revitalization”

  1. Interesting point. I’ve noticed the Be Kind message said by celebrities, it’s the classic virtue signaling technique. It’s actually a form of subtle censorship and pre-shaming. I respect directness and authenticity. I’d rather face rudeness than false compliments but tactfulness is a lost art.

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  2. I have realized, through all of this unnecessary chaos and nonsense, that we were beginning to be indoctrinated when “political correctness” was introduced. That was the first aim at shaming us for telling what we see in reality. Unfortunately, so many have been silenced through fear of shaming. No more will I follow that line. We never needed signs before to say “Be Kind.” Instead, I’d rather follow the wisdom of “Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Don’t say it mean” which goes back to old school manners, tact, and common sense — far better and more helpful than shaming any day.

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  3. I haven’t read “Woke Inc” but would now like to! That’s a very good summary of Wokeism…blame, shame and dumbing down = clown world. Yes how can math be racist? Why did they villanize Abe Lincoln as a racist? Proper grammar usage is also considered racist in the permanent victim society. The Woke are not awake at all, total irony.

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  4. Sounds like you’ve read “Woke, Inc.” If there is any required reading in school, that should be on the list. I refuse to blindly “follow along” with the radicalized agenda. Glad to see more are boldly stating what needs to be said: “The Regressive Left is about misery and victimization. It’s about blame, shame and dumbing down. It holds no positive vision of the future.” There are those of us who can truly see oneness more than divisiveness. Still, it is challenging to walk amongst so much BS — like math is racist, when people just have very different talents, skills, etc. The narrative of nonsense is getting way too much airtime…

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  5. You’re welcome WG. Such crazy times, Logic and Truth has been inverted, what the corporate media says I tend to do and believe the opposite. They’re always projecting their actions and weakness onto dissenters who choose to think, not passively obey their nonsense.

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  6. Thank you for your thoughtful and affirmative response. As sad as the state is, it is comforting to know there are still those who can see through the insanity and know what is real and true (versus the virtual and deceptive one they continually force upon us.). Thankfully, your child has a sensible Mom who is implanting wisdom rather than radical, destructive nonsense. Have you noticed that almost everything the radical Left says, you have to interpret to mean the opposite…or when they point the fingers at us (who are not prejudiced, privileged racists or conspiracy theorists but deep thinkers guided by morals and values) they are the ones guilty of the crime? It’s a struggle, trying to keep one’s self righted while trying to survive amidst the (intended) chaos.

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  7. “The New Normal is Abnormal
    That realization can be disheartening. Particularly when weaving through dark energy fields that confuse and repeatedly stall forward movement while disfiguring what I have known and recognized. Never have I felt like this. But, never have I endured such radical worldwide change.” Exactly! I feel like They’ve changed our language/mentality; They said the sky is green and everyone has agreed to the insanity. The emperor wears no clothes!
    Gardening makes me feel good too. I often say to my child that goodness/God is stronger than evil/devil; it takes much energy to create, nurture and grow things whether it’s plants, writing etc but so easy and senseless to destroy things. Buildbackbetter is the destroyer of our individual freedom, generations of hard-won freedom is being stolen. Sorry to start up on a tirade! Good to focus your energy on the beauty we still have.

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