There are Distractions and Then There are Distractions…

“When we think we’re multi-tasking, we’re actually multi-switching. That is what the brain is very good at doing — quickly diverting its attention from one place to the next. We think we’re being productive. We are, indeed, being busy. But in reality we’re simply giving ourselves extra work.” — Michael Harris

The World of Distraction

I don’t know about you but I feel increasingly distracted. It’s been brewing since CCP/Covid restrictions but more intense of late. No real surprise I suppose when witnessing worldwide slight of hand distraction from the goings on behind the scenes. The agenda they don’t want We the People to know about…

Technological Distractions

As an HSP (highly sensitive person) and gardener, I’m a natural neo-Luddite. I thrive in Nature. That’s why I refuse to cling to a device that rudely interrupts with pings of, “Look at me. Look at me!” I don’t want to be distracted from living real life.

That’s also why I’ve refused (anti) social media. Human connection is stellar to me. So is thinking for myself rather than allowing Big Tech to dictate what I am allowed to think. Really? The audacity! Yet Big Tech’s efforts are ramping up for more mind (and life) control than ever.

“The context of social networks serving as amplifiers for idiots and crazy people is not what we intended.”Eric Schmidt

Technological Distortions

Eric Schmidt ran Google as its Chairman and CEO from 2001-2011. After contributing to Obama’s campaign, he was rewarded with membership to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, along with Eric Lander who conveniently became Biden’s science advisor.

Schmidt chaired the newly created Defense Innovation Advisory Board (DIB) from 2016-2020 to advise the Pentagon on AI, software, data, digital modernization, and human capital. The DOD adopted many of the Board’s ideas including working remotely. “People will do it (work remotely) if they see others doing it, particularly if they see leaders working from home,” said Jen Pahlka, founder of Code America. Gee, how interesting that CCP/Covid launched the at home workforce we now see…

Elitists are designing the world they want for us (other rules for them). Schmidt’s DIB stated that AI infrastructure must be ready by 2025. John Hopkins University, that hosted the DIB meeting also hosted Event 201 which was a high level plandemic exercise in October 2019 in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. John Hopkins later became the HQ for reporting CCP/Covid data…

Unfortunately, WordPress, for whatever (Woke?) reasons does not offer capability for Bitchute video so I strongly urge you to visit via this link.

There’s a Reason it’s Called Virtual Reality

How do you feel knowing that the plandemic also kicked off Schmidt’s plan for Smart Cities?

Reality, like the widespread radical propaganda today, is cleverly disguised through distorted language. Smart Cities are actually prison-like systems that control the population through surveillance and the Internet of Things (IoT)…

…where transhumanism is the population…and Big Tech’s AI, rather than God, governs humanity. Consciousness is non-existent. No longer are we our own or recognized to have God-given rights and abilities.

If this seems too far fetched, WAKE-UP! We the People, the human race is being led over a cliff. Transgenderism is the next link after creating a generation of robotic-like gaming addicts who do not eat, sleep, or engage with others (or Nature) and exhibit aggression rather than empathy. (Think of the angry, divisive, intolerant Cancel Culture. Ever tried debating a computer?)

The fear and isolation of the plandemic conveniently set into motion the destruction of a booming economy, small businesses, cities, election integrity, morale, individuality, and sovereignty, while pushing through remote learning and working, and a Godless society leading to track and trace, globalism, digital currency and censorship. Biden’s recent Ministry of Truth is no coincidence. What we see unfolding are elitist steps to end freedom as we’ve known it and control humanity like the CCP.

Schmidt’s Chinese Social Credit Score program is the chloroform for morality which God use to define. Social credit scores kill individual freedom by tracking and curbing behavior, associations, spending — all components of life.

The CCP punishes noncompliance through murder, re-education camps and disappearing. Do you want this to proceed in America? In your life?

Multi-tasking is One Expansive Distraction

Engaging with Big Tech is like the dis-ease of cancer. Annoying little announcements appear in the screen’s corner to shout, “Hey, this just came in! Look at me! Now!” I often say, “Go away. I’ll see you later.” Nothing on the Internet is that important.

But there are times I get roped in…like the 12 tabs open right now. Or when I followed a recommendation to buy a Google Pixel phone to replace my broken Canon digital camera, not knowing how nosy and invasive the Pixel is. (Thankfully, the Canon works again and I rarely know where the Pixel is, much less use it.)

I’ve always been able to multi-task but the truth is, one can focus on only one thing at a time. Being present, in the now, is the only real place where all is well, and where one can do well. No wonder the world feels unwell.

“If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one.” — Russian proverb

Tech diminished attention spans to three paragraphs or 90 seconds for a video. Some children cannot write, read or understand cursive writing. Snippets severed deep contemplation. Big Tech controls the answers. Headlines are the information, as Twitter confirms.

Super Glued in Limbo

Lately, each step I take forward, the Universe slams me back and I feel stalled, stuck in place. Each thwarted effort whittles away at my motivation. Everything takes longer. What use to be accomplished in one phone call now takes four, five, six, or gets put on hold. I feel increasingly under-accomplished and unproductive. I’m picking up the same problem over and over again with no resolution.

No resolution. Perhaps that’s the best description of where I’ve felt. In limbo and wondering does the world feel broken because it is being broken?

Life Supporting Distractions

Recently, I’ve found living real life to be so challenging I’ve looked forward to Nature’s wholesome distractions — like gardening, playing with a dog, the restorative beats of hand drumming. You know, those heartwarming, life giving connections with life.

But even Nature’s pleasant sounds like that of songbirds are being silenced. A mysterious disease killed too many of these beautiful creatures last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if noise pollution (and glyphosate aka Roundup) is the culprit amplified by yelling (rather than talking) heads and a world overloaded with pings and beeps. It’s just too much.

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.” — Edmund Burke

Patience is a golden virtue (and one I need more of in my life). I know I must trust in the process, the journey. That God will prevail over evil and is also working behind the scenes. But to be darn right honest, after life has already been on hold — for 2 years of CCP/Covid stripping away joys and pleasantries — I’m chomping at the bit to get going again…

And that is why I’m putting WordPress on hold. I’ve always valued my God-given freedom and America where I can enjoy it. With the election only weeks away, I’m focusing all time, attention and energy on supporting a candidate who loves my state, loves America, loves God, and works tirelessly for humanity.

Hard Core Proof of Election Fraud

Freedom is NOT free and time is running out to preserve what freedoms and individuality we still have left. Multi-tasking is not an option when this election is critical for the salvation of sovereignty. This election is not about Republican vs Democrat or conservative vs liberal. It’s about technology vs humanity, and good vs evil. My sole focus in on God, family, and country.

Pro Deo, Familia, Patria

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  1. So very true. Hard to believe America is in such a state. God is the only one who can resolve this…one more reason we cannot continue to allow God to be removed from our country. Remember, when you pray, move your feet. 🙂

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