How to Win this Spiritual War

As most of you, I receive numerous pieces of information from numerous sources. This particular piece of information, although directed toward Christians, I find apropos for current events whether Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Patriot, Truth Seeker, and/or Deep Thinking Person with Common Sense:

3 Replies to “How to Win this Spiritual War”

  1. Yes, very sad to see an entire generation living in fear and hopelessness. I do believe it is directly related to a non-spiritual life. I, too, have read that many youth cannot see or plan beyond one year and also attribute the recent increased suicide rates to living devoid of spirituality (which Hollywood, the Far Left, and our throw-away culture promote). So many questions in these tumultuous times but we cannot succumb to fear and doubt…we must continue speaking and acting for the light of Truth which equates to God and Love. Warmest wishes to you and gratitude for sharing from your heart. 😢💔🙏

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  2. Well, I couldn’t agree with you more. This is part of what I see: people who are fearful, with no hope for an eternal future, live for today and are desperately fighting for something to hope for in the future. They are scared and afraid. And sometimes they fight violently. Then those of us who have faith in God and his plan, we fight differently. But sometimes not as effetely. I know our prayers have powers beyond the evil spirits, but is there enough of us fighting? And is there more for us to do? And then there is the fear of persecution and suffering. Without faith in God people see what is right and what is wrong differently. It is heart breaking. I read an article recently about how the young generation see no long-term hope for the world and because of that they are not planning to even exist at retirement. Live only for today because that is all they think they have. 😢💔🙏

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