The inConvenience of InDependence… (1st Part of 3)

“During the Revolutionary War that resulted in Independence Day, it was local citizens from every walk of life who rose up to defend their families, local settlements and towns. They call to us today to remember the cost of Freedom and Liberty.” — Patrick Wood, Citizens for Free Speech

For the first time in my life I’ve encountered a political candidate who is a true public servant. My enthusiasm stems from his proven record and courageous voice for We the People. Yet in my initial canvassing for support to elect him, I’ve run into an unbelievable sea of apathy that’s felt sickenly shocking. I am aghast how our populace would so easily allow America to topple over.

Is it a case of not appreciating what is not worked for? Is it the constant stress of over two years of chaotic yet planned distraction? Are people tuning out because they are on overload? It was astounding when some didn’t even know who was running for office…but worse when they didn’t care. Not caring about one’s freedom confounds me.

Trying to understand the why of people and events gives me a slight sense of comfort and also helps me alter course. And so it is on the birthday of America that I try to understand the crippling muffled response to Lady Liberty’s wails.

For Convenience Sake

You know I often attribute many worldwide ills to tech outweighing its promoted convenience. So, I wonder how many would have bought into it if they knew of its unsavory yet intendional design to control an individual’s thinking and life? Would they do it because everyone else was…or their job requires it? Have they taken time to contemplate how much tech rules their life, and that personal sovereignty actually gives them a choice?

Continually tethered to a device feeding propaganda poisoned our populace with an addictive invisible sleeping pill. (Current TV or PC, the form matters little.)

No longer can the tech-addicted think for themselves, and sadly, many don’t even try. It’s too inconvenient to take responsibility for one’s own life and get out of the coddling parents basement and contribute at a real job.

We now have a poisoned populace so tethered to devices they freak out when its misplaced. Afterall, it contains their life…and they willingly loaded it — for convenience sake.

From Convenience to Apathy

An apathetic response to Hollywood and the internet’s spread of moral decay allowed God to be removed. No wonder suicide and hopelessness are rising.

Conveniently, we entrusted legislators to protect and represent We the People but were hoodwinked instead with dishonest elections — whether funded with outside dark money, tampered voting machines, ballot harvesting, or Dems supporting RINOs. How easily and quickly legislators initiated ballot boxes, to help through the plandemic. What fools we’ve been.

Marketing aka Politically Correct Term for Spreading Lies

I wonder how many would intentionally use cash, knowing that QR codes are simply a way to track and control personal lives. Would they even care? One person told me it was inconvenient to carry change in their pocket…essentially indicating they prefer the convenience of being controlled.

I wonder how many parents would hand their toddlers a device, knowing it hinders their ability to interact on a personal level, be compassionate, and think deeply. Would they welcome the convenience of schooling via the internet, knowing it’s opening the door to Big Brother’s surveillance and then control?

If smart phone users understood it’s a device of censorship, limiting their ability to think independently, would they still use it? Have they willingly undervalued so many personal rights, they wouldn’t care?

The upside down thinking and vocabulary that is prevalent of late, didn’t just start now. Tools to make the populace stupid are marketed as smart devices. The only thing smart about them is how cleverly they implant individual thinking with their agenda…

For Whose Sake?

Anytime anyone, and most especially the government, wants to do something to make life easier, run the other way. The Dems have always been great at organizing (that includes information and Obama by the way). Social media easily directs the narrative and controls thinking so the entrapped who cannot think independently cannot get out of the box.

“One thing about any Marxist/communist movement: They never cede back conquered territory.”Leo Hohmann

The plandemic quicky indicated how easily most would roll over…giving up civil rights and freedom. (Presumably, those who already cast aside their rights to privacy in exchange for SM likes, hardly noticed the suppression.) The nightly news solidified the narrative of fear and chaos for anyone foolishly tuning in. Add in rampant censorship of the truth also by SM and voila’, the power of control strangled our breath of life.

The WEF (World Economic Forum) purports their actions are for the sake of humanity. But, look under the cover. Their tyrannical actions solely benefit themselves — the global elitists.

pill being forced upon a person

It’s a hard pill to swallow that our very own government is feverishly working to destroy its own people — through starvation, self-imposed lockdowns (from inflationary high prices and hoarding abundant energy) mandated experimental jabs, censorship, and wrongful imprisonment. That is what they do in ccp-China, not America.

But, the pill is even harder and bigger to swallow when one realizes how many willingly accept it — for whatever reason, be it exhaustion or indoctrinated deep sleep.

(Part 2 of this post to be continued on July 17th…)

The inConvenience of InDependence… (Part 2 of 3)

This post is a continued reflection on the hypocritical globalist plan to eradicate independence — both in America as a country and to humanity overall. It is in honor, and hopefully not in memory, of America’s birth month of independence.

Yes, it’s true. Being independent can be inconvenient. But living for convenience, also makes one dependent. In a cage.

Truth: An Inconvenient Reality

Relying solely on Google for the answer, too many naively trust it as truth, unaware that the only answer appearing is the one answer Google wants programmed into their mind.

Censorship compounds this cancerous sleeping sickness at an alarming rate. Searching the internet for various outspoken conservatives, the first several pages only purport a negative slant. Thankfully, I can still access their commentary via e-mail or a saved site URL, but who knows for who long?

Take America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) for instance. The first several pages of a search are ALL LIES, when in truth AFLDS exercises their constitutional right to speak out for the health and welfare of humanity. Tragically, AFLDS’ founder, Dr. Simone Gold, was wrongly sentenced to two months in prison as an attempt to traumatize and discredit her.

This is not what happens in America when those in power love this country. This is what happens everyday in ccp-China. This is what happens when globalists condone surveillance and control over every aspect of our lives. Altering reality is how they intend to push through their agenda. Meta anyone?

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  1. So true and so sad. And I think you are right, many don’t care. But they look for excuses to rise up and “peacefully” demonstrate, trying to force the rest of us to agree with their perspective. 😢

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