From Bad to Worse: The Persecution of Righteousness

As mentioned, most of my time now is focused on helping a public servant win an election so at times I may simply post an eye-opening link such as the ones below.

To the apathetic who exasperate me, I ask:

Apathetic waiting only ensures your imprisonment — one way or the other.

This is why Red Flag laws must not be passed; they will be used against the innocent.

This is how horrifically insane the Far Left is…they will stop at nothing to push through their agenda while trampling on the rights of the silent. They lie. They pay protestors and ballot harvesters. They troll you and make your life hell. They disregard the law. They imprison the innocent, construct witch hunts and kangaroo courts. They will stop at nothing to have the power to control you. Is this really the type of life you want to live? Remnaining silent and apathetic only fuels them more…

Michael Savage warned years ago but no one was listening, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” The mental illness in the actions we see today is rampant, yet not unplanned.

If what you witness isn’t enough to make you wake-up, watch this video to learn the truth about the Secular Democrats of America’s plan to control you. Don’t bother Googling it as Google camoflauges the truth as usual by only providing links to those furthering the Leftist cause (not objective reporting).

Without stooping to similar Leftist/Marxist/Communist tactics, how does humanity fight back?

  • When will you wake up to realize the news is all government propaganda to control you…that they are NOT reporting truth and conveniently omitting stories of what is really happening? When will you seek out and accept the truth?
  • What will it take for you to be so sick of legislators wrongfully using the FBI to intimidate , arrest, and imprison those who disagree?
  • When will you speak out against tax dollars paying for fraudulent investiagations and publicly shaming those who love God, country, and family?
  • When will you realize the next election may be your last opportunity to vote and elect a candidate who will protect your Constiutional rights?
  • When will you give a damn about your country and future generations?

No longer can you keep your head in the sand, horrified or not. Time is running out to take a stand — for and with God.

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