The inConvenience of InDependence… (3rd Part of 3)

The Inconvenience of Trying

Sure, it’s easier to have readily supplied answers, rather than take time to dig deeper or study for the big exam. Sure, it’s easier to not vote when facing election interference. Sure, it’s more convenient to give up when feeling weary and struggling to survive. But that mindset of complacency produces more of the same.

” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Rita Mae Brown

Hardly anyone volunteers anymore. Church attendance is down. One must search hard for common sense, courage, and unconditional caring. The widespread apathy I’ve witnessed recently may indeed be the downfall of America…and humanity for that matter. And that is exactly what the global elitists are counting on from their carefully orchestrated plan.

Is life more convenient as a puppet on a string?

Jesus was persecuted. Life is not easy.

So how does one begin to combat this? That is the difficult question to answer because it requires those without courage to see that they need it and have it. Many of us who are now fighting for our freedom never saw ourselves leading a fight for a great cause. Most of us do not volunteer for this task, but have now been challenged in ways that have forced us to stand strong for ourselves and our liberty. The challenge is to increase the numbers of people with common sense who are still silent before it is too late for them.Andrew Fink, MD

Every generation has their own challenging tragedies which either strengthen or kill them. My parents and grandparents endured the Great Depression, and World Wars I and II (not to forget the Korean and Vietnam wars too). They did not succumb. They did not pull a blanket over their heads. They did not say, “I’m tired and can’t go on.”

Neither did our Revolutionary soldiers, thank God. Their unending fighting spirit created America. The America I have known and loved that works unitedly together. Neighbor helping neighbor. It is the America worth my time in fighting for now.

Turncoat to American Independence 246 Years Later

America has long stood for freedom, liberty and independence. In 2022’s 4th of July remembrance, I wonder:

  • Do too many generations now exist that were never taught the sacrifices of our Revolutionary soldiers who gave them the freedoms they take for granted? Has this made them incapable of appreciating the wisdom and foresight our Founding Fathers had in designing the most diverse and independent country in the world, offering anyone the opportunity for a better life?
  • If a populace has most everything given to them and have not had to struggle, be frugal or practice self restraint, are they so crippled they have no idea how to do the heavy lifting?
  • When waking up to understand the bizarre happenings are not happenstance but the global elitists rapidly implementing their plan to enslave humanity, how many will be willing to fight for sovereignty?
  • How many Americans still have the fierce determination and spirit to act independently, refuse the Global and Woke insanity, and ward off tyranny? Or will this great nation be destroyed by legions of the weak and tired complacently rolling over to the powers at be?
  • Is there enough time to motivate the complacent — to speak out, vote, work the polls and unitedly support America First candidates because they are the only legislators that give a damn about freedom for We the People.
Eagle with patriotic inscription

Do you choose to exist or to thrive?

Convenience = Dependence

Independence = Inconvenience

American DNA

I won’t kid you. I’ve felt increasingly weary and stuck, and especially after over two years of needless chaos and stress. But, now that I more clearly see the opponent and their plan to control through surveillance and submission, I am more energized.

As Dr. Andrew Fink indicates, empowerment is the cure. It comes through deeply held convictions, when people realize there is a community of moral support, and when they have resources to stay strong. It is not a coincidence that propaganda is dividing our nation, that the truth is not being reported, or that they are predicting a summer of rage (because that is part of their plan. Civil war would warrant martial law and removal of guns.).

America’s DNA is about individual liberty and freedom. I would be ashamed to sit by and drown in a sea of apathy. Silence is cowardice. To do nothing only fuels the fires of evil and cares for no one. From now, until the November elections I will knock on countless doors, honoring Paul Revere’s midnight ride. And if I die trying, at least I tried.

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