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June 18, 2017-A Garden 052solo

Thirty years ago an ashen burn pit mirrored my own feelings of sadness and confusion. As I dug into the charred clay, unearthing shards of glass and metal fragments, Mother Earth began to heal and so did I. Each year brought challenges and rewards in gardening and in my own life.

That first outdoor flower garden gradually turned unruly with unidentified plants from  well-meaning family and friends.

Envisioning a cottage-style allergy-free garden that would bloom throughout the seasons, I invited others to freely dig and take what they wanted. Planning was intricate and slow. Most plants flourished. Some died. Some had much different characteristics than the catalogue description. Most returned. Some didn’t. Some weren’t at all as expected — in pleasing and not so pleasing ways. Some needed more nurturing, some were showy. Soon, I began realizing the parallels of this experience to living life.

Until this time, writing was my outlet to process a myriad of emotions and life events. But, gardening deepened the transformation…and drew me to photography, trying to retain the essence of sights that speak to my spirit.  Opening my eyes and ears to nature, I understand so much more now and see the answers are all here. Hence, it’s helped me to right my life.

The garden and I transform together as Nature teaches me about the spirit of living life. I have come to see Winter’s beauty in its starkness. It’s as necessary and cyclical as the hours of a day. I’ve shed fixed beliefs of completeness and forever, like a sweater on a September afternoon.

My intent of this weekly blog is to share musings, insights, inspirations and photos that have stirred my soul so deep within, the contemplation has shifted my world. Nature’s splendor, Rumi, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Lao Tse Tung color my pebbled gardening path of life. Feel free to come along. You may start seeing things a bit differently too.

10 Replies to “About wRighTing My Life…”

  1. You are welcome. And today’s word is “simplicity.” To me, that means decluttering the mind of all the worldly noise right now, not allowing fear and darkness to enter…Focusing instead on the simple things I am grateful for like the beauty of nature, and the kind souls in my life. (That includes you too.)


  2. And peace it is. My heart was heavy too this morning, believe me. I just decided I will NOT go doom and gloom. I will NOT bend my knee to evil. I picked an angel card many weeks ago that says FREEDOM. I haven’t changed it and every time I look at it, I smile and pray with gratitude.

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  3. Oh, the joys and woes of family relationships…we all have our heartaches to bear. I just began listening to Simon who gives me a sliver of hope but my heart is still so heavy (that HSP thing you know). Interestingly, the angel card I selected this morning is “peace.” 🙂

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  4. WG, thank you for the book recommendation. And wow you sprinkled your Mom’s ashes on your roses? How cool is that! I have my MIL’s ashes in one of my gardens, buried. Coincidence? My sister in charge of my Mom’s death etc. would never have allowed me to have some of my Mom’s ashes. I asked. Refused. Life goes on. I don’t have time to waste on those whose vibrations are so low and vile that they would pull me down. After yesterday may your day be filled with God’s peace. Much love to you! xo

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  5. So happy to hear from you, Amy, and connect. Divine intervention is something else, isn’t it?

    So sorry to hear of the time you’ve spent caring for the sick and dying but presume you accepted it as another part of life. A book I found extremely helpful after all the loss is “The Five Invitations: What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully.” Have you read it?

    There’s nothing like digging in the dirt and working in the garden — something so naturally nurturing I’d say. Being a low maintenance gardener (and friend) my roses are pretty much on their own but so far doing AOK…(and in all honesty, bloomed spectacularly after sprinkling with some of my Mom’s ashes). A trip to the nursery is like Heaven, right?

    You know, your comment underscores even more the creativity and beauty that can be born from darkness and sadness which seems to be the horizon of the world right now…

    Feel free to call me WG. That’s what Sue Dreamwalker does as she also understands my desire for online anonymity. And if there is ever anything you’d prefer discussing “off” line, feel free to contact me via my contact page and offer your e-mail address. So glad you are thrilled our paths crossed. I am too! 🙂

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  6. We have something else in common …. gardening. Your gardens are like wow phenomenal! I could get lost in yours with camera in hand wandering in a world in another realm. I’ve gotten so busy these last few years taking care of the sick and dying, that at times I ask, “Where did I go?” I love putting my hands in dirt and creating. I created every single garden from my head with only a spade and a shovel. Many were created in times of intense sadness. I have roses yet due to our climate here and their fussiness, I am slowly allowing them to die back giving them a gracious farewell. In their place I have yet to decide what to plant but that will come …. I will know by just walking around in a nursery when a flower or plant pulls at me. I really would like to have a name to call you. If you don’t wish to have your name online what can I call you? Please let me know. I am honestly thrilled our paths have crossed. You are certainly an answer to prayer. xo

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