Meet Write Gardener

I am Nature’s companion. I’m beguiled by Nature. Human nature. Plant nature. Animal nature. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s natural. That goes for medicine and healing as well.

Gardner Way Street Sign

Becoming more aware and attuned to Nature satisfies my soul like nothing else. I’m a natural-born gardener (house plants too), and I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) profoundly affected by Nature. I’ve come to learn the answers really are all here. Just look around. Listen. Pay attention to feelings, when, where and with whom they occur.

Until her passing in June 2019, days began with my enthusiastic border collie Bess. She’d join me for Qigong amidst pine boughs in the garden where wind chimes and  a bubbling spring-fed pond whisper to budding flowers of the seasons.

Picking a morning meditative bouquet, feeling awed by the unfolding splendor of spring, watching a red-tailed hawk or white puffy clouds glide effortlessly across the bluest of blue skies, smelling lilacs or tomatoes and basil warmed by the afternoon sun, feeling dirt sift through my fingers or summer’s breeze tousling my hair — it’s Nature’s gifts that bring me joy.

Evening creativity turns toward music, and cooking a satisfying meal often with a freshly picked salad from the garden. I cherish heart-to-heart connection, a warm embrace, wide smile, and hearty laughter along with thought provoking conversation, spiritual readings, and the unspoken language of hand-drumming.

Logo of flower bouquet with Write Gardener

Writing and journaling since a teen have been my closest companions through love and loss, relocating, health crises, job changes, death of loved ones, travel, an encyclopedia of emotions, getting from Point A to Point B in understanding, and of course the ensuing insights and gratitude.

I wholeheartedly agree that a writer’s greatest intimacy is with their own thoughts. Mine are often contemplating the Tao, humanity, and a new awareness from Nature or appreciating its breathtaking beauty… which led me to discovering another language to the heart — that of photography (amateur that I am). Yes, it is all about the journey, and my journey is about a garden path righting my life.

Purple and pink flowers with inscription "Share the Power of Your Joy!"

15 Replies to “Meet Write Gardener”

  1. So very kind of you MisaeMich. I am delighted to inspire you. My goal in blogging has never been to gain thousands of followers but to touch at least one heart and mind. Apparently that may be yours. 💕

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  2. Dearest Whitegardener,

    Just come back in your garden – beautiful! It’s great to meet you again here! I’m happy to know, you love nature. Natural in everything. 💕 Deep soul.

    Oohh, sorry for your loss but it’s life. I love dogs too, they are beautiful creatures! 🐶

    As I’ve said, you are an inspiration. I love the way you live your life through reading your posts. Like you do, I admire Rumi, R.W. Emerson, Hafez and love Christ. Imperfectly, but their wisdom are my guide in living life.

    Will visit your site every now and then. See you and GOD bless, happiness and peace!

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  3. Haha…. Handdrumming is something I do lol… And you will see the drum I painted on my side bar blog.. lol…
    Likewise to the Earth, I am already setting seeds in the greenhouse… My journey took me to rock bottom mentally and I think the Universe often leds us to these places where we make our choice’s 🙂
    And you too take care…. 🙏

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  4. It’s a pleasure to meet a kindred spirit. Interesting how life takes us to what we need. I also found yoga, Qigong, Reiki, and acupuncture after becoming deathly ill from toxic mold exposure. Those activities, coupled with natural healing and hand drumming brought me back to life. While I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, that experience truly deepened my spirituality; gardening and the Tao have enhanced it and one more reason why I don’t want to fall into the tech trap. With spring so close, I can barely wait to feel the dirt sifting through my fingers. Warm wishes to you dear friend for continued good health. 🙂

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  5. Lovely to meet you, and you are a lady after my own heart…. Alternative therapies Natural healing 🙂
    I overcame Fibromyalgia with Qi Gong and Acupuncture, Reiki, and Self Belief in working on myself from the inside out.. Meditation, etc..
    Working the land, growing our veggies and fruit, and walking in nature…
    Nothing like getting dirt under our fingernails… 🙂
    🙂 🙏

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  6. My original PowerShot was only 4X and nothing wrong with it, but I went to a park with my neighbor who had a Sony I believe, same digital compact, but more zoom. I was a newbie about digital cameras at that time and we came home and e-mailed one another our favorite shots … mine were so far away and I asked why – she asked my zoom … I had to look. It was 4X. The one I bought is 12X … I didn’t know there was a 20X zoom. I prefer the compact to the DSLR as it is less hassle, and I have it handy, always ready to take a shot. 20X zoom … hmm.

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  7. I also work from home and am friends with my PC. e-mail works fine and I still love my landline and answering machine. I, too, had to keep rolling over minutes because I never use them — only for emergency. I’m seriously considering getting my PowerShot repaired as I love the 20x zoom which the Pixel doesn’t have. Listening to your plight and knowing mine, perhaps we Luddites should ban together and develop our own phone and service! 🙂 Keep up those walks — they are indeed the best gift!

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  8. You have the same mindset as me for nature and how enjoyable that early morning walk can be … breathe in deeply and just relax. Walking was the very best present I have ever given myself and blogging would be second. As to high-tech stuff, I have to be somewhat knowledgeable about computer as I work from home and have done so for almost ten years, but my brief foray into smartphones was not fun. I would still have my same phone, were it not for them abandoing 2G phones. I don’t need a fancy phone – I need a landline as I work from home, and keep my flip phone just for emergencies. I have OnStar in my car. I did try a smartphone which was abysmal and I returned to the phone store, eager to return to a flip phone again (I also load my minutes yearly and have to call myself at the landline to use up minutes, since I can only roll over 500 minutes, no more. In my walks, I have been taking more and more photos – the majority of my daily walks I take with a Canon PowerShot which is a workhorse – on weekends, I use a DSLR, but on automatic, not manual … I’ll try that when I am retired and have a ton of time to learn how to use it properly. 🙂

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