Meet Write Gardener

I’m beguiled by Nature. Human nature. Plant nature. Animal nature. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s natural. That goes for medicine and healing too.

Becoming more aware and attuned to Nature satisfies my soul like nothing else. I’m a natural-born gardener (house plants too), and I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) profoundly affected by Nature. I’ve come to learn the answers really are all here. Just look around. Listen. Pay attention to how I feel, when, where and with whom.

Until her passing in June 2019, days began with my enthusiastic border collie Bess joining me for Qigong amidst pine boughs in the garden. Budding flowers throughout the seasons are the focal point of my view. I am Nature’s companion. Picking a morning meditative bouquet, feeling awed by the unfolding splendor of spring, watching a red-tailed hawk or white puffy clouds glide effortlessly across the bluest of blue skies, smelling lilacs or tomatoes and basil warmed by the afternoon sun, feeling dirt sift through my fingers or summer’s breeze tousling my hair — it’s Nature’s gifts that bring me joy.

In the evening, my creativity turns toward music, and cooking a satisfying meal often with a freshly picked salad from the garden. I cherish heart-to-heart connection and a warm embrace, wide smile, and laughter through sharing thought provoking conversation, spiritual readings, and the unspoken language of hand-drumming.

Writing and journaling since a teen have been my closest companions through love and loss, relocating, health crises, job changes, death of loved ones, travel, an encyclopedia of emotions, getting from Point A to Point B in understanding, and of course the ensuing insights and gratitude. I once heard that a writer’s greatest intimacy is with their own thoughts. Mine are often contemplating the Tao and a new awareness or appreciation of breathtaking beauty. Yes, it is all about the journey. My journey is about a garden path righting my life.


gardener way











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