Blogging Challenge Guidelines

On (or by) the last Sunday of each month, a new theme will be posted for the Changing Focus blogging challenge that runs monthly.

Personal choice and creativity are the format. Unless otherwise specified, feel free to use one photo or several, from the archives or current, and with or without a narrative or music.

Bloggers may respond at any time during the month with their interpretation of the theme.

Link the response to my original post (always on the last Sunday of the month) that names the challenge .

The link can be done either via a comment on my original post or by pingback.

Include the tag Changing Focus blogging challenge to quickly locate the response in the Reader.

Responses from the prior month will be highlighted on this blog.

Stay in the moment, have fun and
certainly don’t get stressed out!

Challenge Posting PeriodTheme
Jan. 31-Feb. 27, 2021Hearts in all the Right (and Unusual Places)
Feb. 28-Mar. 27, 2021Getting Unplugged
Mar. 28-Apr. 24, 2021Ah, Those Purrfect Pets!
Apr. 25-May 29, 2021Rain
May 30-June 26, 2021Memories
June 27-July 24, 2021The Sounds of Summer
July 25-Aug. 28, 2021Pathways
Aug. 29-Sept. 25, 2021Reflections
Sept. 26-Oct. 30, 2021One Fine Day
Oct. 31-Nov. 27, 2021Serene Scenes
Nov. 28-Dec. 25, 2021Rest, Sleep, and Hibernation