Life in Colour Photo Challenge – Green

Gardner Way Street Sign

I've been so mesmerized by Spring's arrival this month, I almost missed Travel Words Life in Colour Photo Challenge. (She posts the new color on the first Sunday of each month.) So, while Nature is beginning to unfold some of her greens, here's a few from my archives to meet the Green challenge: Besides this …

Nature Teacher: Change

Look at the movement of the clouds and understand life is change. Don't waste your time lamenting things are not as they were and will never remain so. That is not the truth of reality. Forever cannot be. Look at the clouds long stratus puffy cumulus and feel their struggle and joy. Clear skies, when …

Good Morning Mother Nature

One of my favorite morning activities is walking through the garden discovering what's bloomed then cutting a basket full of flowers to become a bouquet.  Focusing solely on colors, textures and scents quiets my mind while the warming sun and cooling breeze brushing my skin soothes my HSP spirit. Mother Nature offers this gentle good …

From “Wednesday Whisper (August)”

In perusing other blogs, it’s refreshing to see so many so deeply moved by nature. Many of us have taken photos hoping to capture the moment or inspiration but the blog with this photo absolutely mesmerizes me with its level of beauty and intrigue.  I could not pass up the opportunity to ensure you saw it too.


Samsung Galaxy 7


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