Are You a Giver or a Taker?

Outstretched hand with seed and bird

We often hear the praises of generous, charitable humanitarians who are givers, while takers are usually defined as more self-serving than altruistic. BUT, as with any interpretation of life, there is another perspective to contemplate: Care Givers and Care Takers "...traditionally, givers and takers, have a polar opposite meaning, yet when connected with the word care, taker …

Hearts and Souls

Verses from teabags

One thing I love about blogging is connecting with others throughout the world. Sharing from my heart and experience, and reading what others share from their hearts and experience offers a kaleidoscope of understanding that can unite hearts and minds. The same holds true when viewing photos captivated by other eyes. Wondrous moments and prismatic encounters often …

Healing His story


And this is why complete history must be taught, why books never burned, information not censored, cruelties not repeated... I found the artist's commentary as heart wrenching as the artwork, and a necessity for healing the self, and preserving humankind...then, now, always. His work is on one of my favorite blogs. See how it affects …

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