Nature Teacher: Distancing

Sign indicating Rattlesnakes may be found in this area - give them distance and respect"

Respect for distancing is nothing new. Mother Nature's been teaching us all along. Only now are we mandated overall. Touching poison ivy or poison oak will make you sorry. A porcupine or skunk make sure you know if you've come too close. A bite from a brown recluse spider or Lyme tic can turn your …

It Just so Happens…All Roads Lead to Home

Glass ball sitting on a rock in the ocean being splashed while reflecting sky and sea with mountain in the background

The Elements as Allies --- hmm, I wondered what I was getting into this week when serendipitously participating in this formal discussion. Uncertain where this topic would lead, my curiosity surfed the wave of energy surging through my life lately. Opening commentary --- how critical Mother Nature's elements are to our life force. Earth, fire, …

Blankets of Snow

Snow falling on trees

The snow falls heavily all night like a snuggly warm comforter or blankets piled high, thickly covering trees, shrubs, bushes, and grass. Mother Nature says, "Close your eyes. Rest your weariness. Take time to gain your strength for spring. "Hush now. It's time to sleep." No wonder snow is so quiet.

Ms. fortune

Blemished red beefsteak tomato on broken stem with baby green tomato

Have you ever… Looked forward to something that resulted in something vastly different? Expended effort that did not produce fruition? Gotten involved in an activity that became incompatable? Sometimes life just is.   Nothing is as nothing is to both you and me. Fortune and misfortune are neighbors Sai Ong Loses Horse.     Plants …

The Good Weather Church

Blue sky with white puffy clouds over a rural church with autumn leaves in the fore band backgrounds

Wandering through Christianity, Buddhism, and Unity to my current interest of studying the Tao, I long ago exchanged organized religion for a more profound spirituality. Structured religion gave me a moral and ethical compass for living life. Eastern philosophies expanded my understanding. But, my spirituality deepened after a life altering illness, decades of consciously working …

Mother Nature’s Meditation

Unripened and ripened blueberries on a bush

Sun warming Breeze cooling Skin. Eyes scanning Unripened green to apple rose’ Locking in The prized deep purply blue. Wind chimes whisper Somewhere nearby Cars whoosh Momentarily Here and there. Children laugh And ring the bell. Sun warming Breeze cooling Skin. Eyes scanning Each ripened berry In view. Totally in the moment There’s no other …

Timeless Meditation: Viewing Vastness

Worlds Away Savoring outdoor time during my recent reprieve in the temperate Caribbean, I hoped the warmth would cradle me through another 72 icy winter days back home. Mother Nature's wizardry transformed the oppressive grey I left behind into sparkling and vibrant blue, a welcome relief in this world that seemed worlds away. Lounging on …