Little Things Making Big Differences

Close-up photo of dandelion

Feeling antsy, impatient, or fearful while being cooped up during this pandemic? Personal contact and the ability to participate in gratifying activities like dining with friends or attending concerts are two pleasures I've missed the most. Thankfully, though, it's spring which means hours and hours of yard work assuaged with bird song, the warming sun, …

Blankets of Snow

Snow falling on trees

The snow falls heavily all night like a snuggly warm comforter or blankets piled high, thickly covering trees, shrubs, bushes, and grass. Mother Nature says, "Close your eyes. Rest your weariness. Take time to gain your strength for spring. "Hush now. It's time to sleep." No wonder snow is so quiet.

Collections of Recollections

Colored photographs hanging above colored clothes on a rack

  Boxes of newspaper wrapped dishes, and shielded glass in picture frames reminds me I've resided here for half my life.   More frequent moving in more youthful days not needed or necessarily desired --- right now. Unless I could turn my back and be there immediately without sorting through stuff. Taking only recollections with …


September tugs at August October overshadows September. Leaves falling in August a premature ejaculation of autumn leaves one unfulfilled and looking to September for more. More warmth, more comfort, a lingering embrace to hold on to the moments of bliss. As an adult, I love September and August too. It's just too soon to feel …

Mother Nature’s Meditation

Unripened and ripened blueberries on a bush

Sun warming Breeze cooling Skin. Eyes scanning Unripened green to apple rose’ Locking in The prized deep purply blue. Wind chimes whisper Somewhere nearby Cars whoosh Momentarily Here and there. Children laugh And ring the bell. Sun warming Breeze cooling Skin. Eyes scanning Each ripened berry In view. Totally in the moment There’s no other …