Life’s Bookshelf

Four helpful books in understanding death and living life

Incomprehensible.¬† Sixteen deaths in 2019, with six of them very close to me --- friends, co-workers, family, and my beloved border collie Bess vanished in a six-month tsunami of clearing relationships from my life. In weathering this heavy-hearted summer, a healing practitioner recommended The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Ripoche. Filled with …

It Just so Happens…All Roads Lead to Home

Glass ball sitting on a rock in the ocean being splashed while reflecting sky and sea with mountain in the background

The Elements as Allies --- hmm, I wondered what I was getting into this week when serendipitously participating in this formal discussion. Uncertain where this topic would lead, my curiosity surfed the wave of energy surging through my life lately. Opening commentary --- how critical Mother Nature's elements are to our life force. Earth, fire, …

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